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Be a Deep well

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Become a Deep Well 

Click on the links below to download additional resources that correspond to the Deep Well section of the Interaction Guide (email [email protected] for more information on the interaction guide).

Introduction Session
Servant Leadership: Its Origin, Development and Application in Organisations (by San Sendjaya and James Sarros)

Session 1: Character
An Approved Workman: The challenge for leaders (by Tim Tucker)
Lead with Humility and the Opposite Spirit (by Carl Beech)
Developing Christlike Character (blog by Tim Tucker)

Session 2: Prophetic Vision
Martin Luther King Jnr: Prophetic Vision Case Study
Andy Hawthorne: Prophetic Vision Case Study

Session 3: Faithful Stewardship
Albert Mohler: Leadership as Stewardship part 1
Albert Mohler: Leadership as Stewardship part 2

Session 4: Deep-Wells
Charles Spurgeon: Deep Calls to Deep
Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Become Deep Wells Case Study

Session 5: Put People First
Blog post: There is no them… only us

Session 6: Give Power Away
Entrust to Reliable Men: The succession of leaders (by Tim Tucker)
Ajith Fernando quotes on leadership development

Session 7: Lead with Compassion
Sam Ward: Love the Urban Poor
Quotes from helpful books on leading with compassion

Session 8: Steel in your spine
The Death Crawl: clip from Facing the Giants
The Grab a Towel Commitment

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