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Grab A Towel Resources

Grab A Towel Resources


The Grab a Towel Interaction Guide

The Grab a Towel interaction guide has been written to enable readers to engage more deeply with the material.

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For the Deep Well resources corresponding to the relevant chapters of the interaction guide, click here.


Sample chapter: GROUND ZERO 

In 2013, I had the kind of opportunity that doesn’t happen often in life – the opportunity of a blank page. At the time I didn’t quite see it that way, though. In fact, truth be told, I was still grieving for a vision that I thought had died… Read Full Chapter


SAMPLE CHAPTER: Focus on character 

The Superhero movie is a film genre that still reliably draws crowds to the cinema. The depiction of a person with superhuman powers, willing to battle for justice against forces of evil, has been a winning formula on screen for over a century. But in recent times I’ve noticed that there has been a significant cant shift in the way super- heroes are portrayed… Read Full Chapter