Grabbing towels in 2018

Grab a Towel was launched in May 2018. The book has primarily been sold in South Africa. But it’s been great to make the book available in other formats so that it’s available around the world… please check out for the Ebook and Audio book version. We also launched our social media pages @grabatowelbook… you can visit on Facebook and Twitter. We’ve been encouraged by the interest in becoming Christ-centred servant leaders. Tim Tucker has spoken at over 30 events on servant leadership, and conducted courses with churches and small groups. The new interaction guide and video series will be available early in 2019… so please click here and contact us for more information or to give us your feedback

Perhaps the key point of Grab a Towel that has resonated with people is the simple lesson that ‘leaders are not superheroes who fix problems, but Christ-focused servants who lead people to Jesus’ (p. 147). The images below are of the Grab a Towel journey this year that has introduced us to many amazing people who are grabbing towels and seeking to become Christ-centred servant leaders. We look forward to continuing this journey with you in 2019.